“I have been practicing Allergy and Clinical Immunology for over 25 years... Rootology is first line in my practice.” Dr. Joan Lehach MD, New York City
“Everyone in our office has been taking Rootology and it's really cut down on the sniffles.” Kate S., Bulu Box
“Rootology has gotten me through the last couple of weeks problem-free. No itchy, watery eyes, no congestion, no allergies, no sinus pressure, nothing.” Andrea Young, Lucky Magazine
“My patients can't stop raving about it. Rootology really demonstrates the often overlooked power of herbal medicine” Lexi Hagenson, LAc, MSTOM, Certified Nutritional Counselor

“Rootology has literally saved my breathing this week...” Ammora C.

Nasal allergies are a serious medical condition because they can trigger an asthma attack. I have been practicing Allergy and Clinical Immunology for over 25 years and I am really excited to recommend Rootology, a new all-natural product that really works. It immediately alleviates sneezing, nasal itch, congestion and rhinorrhea (runny nose) without side-effects. When nasal symptoms are under control patients have fewer asthma attacks and require less traditional medicine. With the high cost of traditional medicine continuing to rise, Rootology is first line in my practice. Dr. Joan Lehach MD
Allergist & Immunologist
New York City

The harmonious combination of herbs in Rootology allows it to strongly relieve sinus congestion, pressure and pain without nasty side effects. Its focus is to directly open up the sinuses and alleviate symptoms related to the head and face. And it works quite swiftly. My patients can’t stop raving about it. Rootology really demonstrates the often overlooked power of herbal medicine. Lexi Hagenson, LAc, MSTOM
Certified Nutritional Counselor
Chicago, IL
We have a busy acupuncture clinic in Queens, NY and our Acupuncturists regularly prescribe Rootology to our patients with sinus congestion. The bottles fly off the shelves during the cold and the allergy seasons. Our patients are all so grateful to have a natural solution to their sinus congestion. It is the perfect blend of both Eastern and Western herbs known to be helpful for relieving sinus congestion and boosting the immune system. Most importantly, it’s natural, safe and very effective at opening up the nasal passage. Rootology is also more affordable than most over-the-counter allopathic allergy and decongestant medications. It should be a basic supplement to have in the medicine cabinet for sinus congestion. Samina Quraishi, L.Ac.
Comuni Acupuncture PC
New York City
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October, 2013

“ I was really surprised as to how quickly the Rootology started helping my symptoms after I took it! ... [M]y sinuses definitely felt clearer and even my eyes felt less puffy. (I swear my eyes feel swollen shut when I have a sinus infection!)” Link to Article >

Bulu Box

October, 2013

"Everyone in our office has been taking Rootology and it's really cut down on the sniffles."
Lucky Magazine

September, 2013

“This time of year is when my allergies kick in the most, by a long shot. Rootology has gotten me through the last couple of weeks problem-free. No itchy, watery eyes, no congestion, no allergies, no sinus pressure, nothing.” Link to Article >
Fit Betty

September, 2013

“It helps to clear nasal passages naturally and works if you have allergic rhinitis (aka stuffy nose due to allergies).” Link to Article >
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August, 2013

Interview with the Founder and CEO of Rootology about Rootology and how effective natural medicine fulfills market demand Link to Article >

August, 2013

“New Products to Watch” Link to Article >
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March 12, 2013

“Most supplement labels can be busy, but this packaging simplifies with a modern, apothecary-like feel.” Link to Article >
Thank you Rootology for developing this amazing product! I have had terrible allergies my whole life and your natural medicine has worked wonders for me! I can finally breathe naturally, thank you for your help! Jess B.
I have horrible sinuses and in the past have spent 4 weeks straight on antibiotics, and used to get allergy shots once a week. I was not improving much so I was told that the only way to improve my condition was with surgery. In the mean time, I have been taking allergy pills everyday. I also have to take a variety of allergy and cold medicines, that can really take a toll on your body so I try and avoid it. However, I can really struggle day to day. It was amazing to find something that is natural and not going to damage me internally. It acts as an amazing replacement for over the counter medicines! I love it! Thank you Rootology!! Jen F.

Rootology is a wonderful product that has given me relief from my chronic sinus issues. It has also relieved my persistent cough and allowed me to sleep peacefully. Thanks Rootology! J.D.

I used this product in the morning while I had a slight cold. It really helped stay off the nasal drip until late afternoon. It didn't make me drowsy at all like DayQuil typically does. I'm a fan. Kate

Tried the samples and had instant relief. Have ordered a months supply and will continue ordering. With allergies (something is always in bloom in Florida) and shetland sheepdogs we always have pet hair and dander as well as dust in the house. Liked the fact that I wasn’t groggy that day and the next morning– no problems at all. Wonderful product– keep us posted as to any advancements made in new products. Dana Y.
I received my sample and ordered a bottle the next day….was afraid at first to not take my daily tablet of Zyrtec so did one of them and one Zyrtec the first few days. Now I am taking the 2 Rootology tablets each day and my eyes are not itching and dry and I can breathe so much better than just using Zyrtec. I am a true believer and your product is the best! Brenda R
I suffer from allergies when the pollen count begins to rise in the spring. My symptoms include congestion in both nostrils, sinus pressure, watery eyes, headaches, etc. A friend of mine saw that I was suffering and suggested I try this product…best thing I ever did! Within 20 minutes, I felt almost 80% relief with the congestion in my nose. An hour in, my congestion was just about gone and my nasal passages were about 90% clear/open. 2 hours later, my airways were completely clear and although I had a bit of a dry mouth…I could BREATHE My airways stayed completely open, with no sinus pressure or watery eyes for the next 3 hours. Around hour 5 I could feel the myself becoming a little congested, but it was really nothing to complain about – my nasal passages were still 90% open. At hour 6, I started to get a slight headache and was a little congested but I was THRILLED that this worked for almost 6 hours! I typically use Claritin to clear up my congestion, and it USUALLY works. For whatever reason, it was not helping at all, so I made the switch to Allegra. Compared to Allegra, this works MUCH faster. I suffer from both sinus pressure and congestion and I found Allegra only really relieving ONE of my symptoms – sinus pressure. So I was still really congested, although my sinus pressure subsided. Bottom line, this offered me simply the BEST relief with regard to my allergies. It relieved ALL my symptoms…FAST…and provided relief almost all day! I would definitely recommend and use again. Annie C.
Tried your sample yesterday after mowing the yard…WOW…loved it and noticed no side [e]ffects what so ever! Thanks for the great product…can’t wait to order your product! Merv K.
I have only been suffering from allergies for a few years; but I’ve been increasingly symptomatic, and just about everything I’ve tried has failed to alleviate my discomfort. My boyfriend and I decided to give Rootology a try, thinking it couldn’t hurt to add another bottle to our ever expanding rotation of allergy meds. Well, I couldn’t be more pleased to say that we no longer need a rotation of allergy meds: Rootology is, and will continue to be, the name we trust for allergy relief. Within hours of taking the two-pill dosage, I was astonished to find that I could breathe again. The terrible symptoms (runny nose, stuffed up nose, sneezing, etc.) that have plagued me for so long are now a thing of the past…For anyone who’s been frustrated by ineffective allergy medications, who’s spent way too much money trying to figure out the perfect prescription, or who simply wants to remember what it feels like to enjoy clean, unobstructed breathing, I recommend Rootology. Denise M.
I have been suffering from chronic allergy problems all my life and have tried EVERYTHING! I heard about this new product and of course was willing to try yet one more thing to give me relief. Most products that I try just make me lethargic. I was pleasantly surprised after trying Rootology; not only did it improve my allergy symptoms, but it didn’t make me drowsy. I would highly recommend this to any allergy sufferer. Louis L.
Rootology has literally saved my breathing this week– started at a new job in a very large, very dusty department store already suffering from slight allergies, which once I started kicking the dust around at work, became severe allergies– itching watering eyes, sneezing like crazy, sinus pressure, couldn’t even sleep the first night, etc– I’m on day 3 of taking Rootology at have noticed a dramatic improvement with each dose. Especially for approx 3-4 hours after I take 2 caps, I feel the pressure clear and my sinuses drain a bit more. Excellent product. . . this is the very first sinus/allergy remedy that REALLY works without the pharmacuetical side effects! Ammora C.